Contemporary Deco & Tibetan Rugs By Doris Leslie Blau New York

For our dealer network we have rugs and carpets created with the newest trends in interior design and style. The native Nepalese weavers in particular promptly broadened the designs on the Tibetan carpet from the modest standard rugs to large location rugs appropriate for use in western living rooms. Tibetan rugs can be single or double knotted, in 60, 80 or one hundred knot per square inch and their easier design make them diverse from typical oriental rugs.

I am the owner of and principal designer at Fiorito Interior Design, a complete service residential interior design firm serving San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties of Northern California. In addition to these representations, numerous Tibetan rug styles also function geometrical patterns. Ms. Odegard could be the only person who has continued to use all-natural dyes in lots of of her Tibetan rugs right after the Germans’ robust entry into the industry in 1987.

Fading can be prevented by periodically rotating the rug so that the sun is not normally shining on a single region of the rug. In the light of what occurred in the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, this is not surprising. For some years, a smaller number of Westerners produced rugs in Nepal with all-natural dyes and imported them into Germany and America. In Nepal, no carpet business had existed ahead of the Tibetan refugees developed one particular.

The Safavieh Tibetan rug is known for its quality structure and attention to detail. RevitaRUGS gives high excellent area rug and Persian carpet cleaning and restoration services in the tri-state location. Behind the scenes, although, a family of Tibetan rug dealers in Katmandu, Nepal was quietly finding out the moribund art of dyeing with natural plant dyes. The wool they are created of, known as ‘champhel’ (Tibetan wool from the northern highlands), feels great and is among the ideal in the planet.

In the mid to late 1970s, at the similar time that Harald Böhmer, later of the DOBAG Project, was researching organic dyes in Turkish rugs, Tombo (Thomas Guta) was weaving rugs in Katmandu with natural dyes he had mixed himself. He bought a group of fine Turkmen rugs which he was quite enthusiastic about, sold them all in two or 3 days, and was left to contemplate the fact that he could not replace them. Traditional Tibetan rugs generally have a limited colour palate, making use of all-natural dyes made from red madder, blue indigo, yellow Tibetan rhubarb, and browns and grays located in Tibetan walnut.

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