Most important Street Oriental Rugs

Rugs & More offers the West Coast with the most extensive collection of new, antique, & oriental rugs. At initial, Ms. Odegard tried to interest Stark, the prestigious East Coast retailer of fashionable carpets, in her item but, as she says, They didn’t believe in them.” For several years, Teddy Sumner of Michaelian and Kohlberg imported and marketed Stephanie Odegard’s rugs and carpets, before she established her personal wholesale small business.

Most of the Tibetan rugs reaching the United States have been produced with luster-less, machine-spun Indian wool in vibrant synthetic dyes. As a young man, James Tufenkian graduated from law school and moved straight into the Oriental rug small business. Tiger rug believed to safeguard the user when placed as a meditation rug, as tiger skin served as a sacred prayer rug. In a religious context, tiger rugs are related to the tiger skin loin cloths seen in painted photos of fierce (wrathful) Tibetan Buddhist gods.

Around the core, there is a buffer zone in which specific activities are permitted like some logging, grazing and what Project Tiger describes as ‘collection of minor forest produce’. McDougal argues that it is a shortage of its typical prey that causes a tiger to attack humans. Tibetan rug from Inner Asia Trading Organization, which is owned by a Tibetan and is the only corporation creating rugs in Tibet by Tibetan weavers in Tibetan styles.

Some are inspired by stylized Persian, geometric shapes or regular Tibetan designs, other people very contemporary or undeniably plain with wonderful texture. A New York firm named Inner Asia Trading Enterprise produces an outstanding line of Tibetan rugs named Ganchen. There is a uncommon variation – the white tiger which has a white coat with darker stripes and blue eyes. Odegard rugs always look like Odegard rugs, even though their styles differ tremendously.

In the late 50s, there was a decline in the rug generating, but it picked up again in the 70s. The styles are lively and amongst the most original of all classic Tibetan motifs. By the mid-’80s, Steve Laska was designing his personal rugs and promoting them in the San Francisco Bay Area. Of all the key importers of Tibetan rugs, Stephanie Odegard could have the deepest personal roots in Nepal and Tibet. A single of the early producers of rugs in Nepal was Steve Laska from Northern California.

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